"Praying with my eyes wide open and seeing the uncommon in the common drives my art.   I strive to filter each moment I paint with gratitude."

     Jennifer Dean Barnard grew up in Alabama and currently resides in the beautiful farm countryside of Free Home, Georgia.  After graduating from The University of Alabama with a Master's Degree in Teaching the Hearing Impaired, she worked in Alabama and Georgia for several years. She returned to her first love of art while raising her three sons.

     Anne Blair Brown, Nancy Franke, Kevin Beilfuss, Nancy Dusenberry, Margaret Dyer, Barbara Jaenicke , Qiang Huang, Susan Lyon and Jim Richards are among her instructors.  Where others use words to express the love, beauty, joy and struggles of life, Jennifer uses her art.  Through designing unique perspectives, expressive brushwork and lively color she creates energetic and evocative pieces. 

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