New Beginnings and Endings

January 29, 2016

As artists, we are continually beginning. We begin a new painting or begin using a new technique, brush or style.  How do we know when to begin?  Do we have to always face an ending before we embark on a new venture? Since there are always small endings there are sure to be beginnings. The wisdom to know which you are approaching ar when to instigate is gained through experience.  With the start of a New Year, I am beginning this blog.  


This painting, "Edge of Eternity", I created a couple of years ago.  I began with a day at Folly Beach in South Carolina. This sweet girl was playing nearby.  I pushed the painting to the point where I felt it could be on a beach or in the clouds.  I felt a connection with this girl whenever I saw the piece. All my art has a place in my heart but this one seemed very familiar to me.  


My husband displays many of my pieces at his financial planning firm and I have been blessed by several of them being placed in new homes by clients gained through this venue.  Leslie, his secertary, loved this little girl who kept her company near her desk.  She hoped she would stay .  Leslie became very ill and was in the hospital when "Edge of Eternity" was purchased. She passed away not long after.  We miss her terribly.


"The Edge of Eternity" was purchased by a loving husband who had noticed his wife's desire for this piece.  He was a hero on Christmas!!  Little did I know that she was soon to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  My hope is that during her trials, she will gain some measure of peace from viewing her little girl by the sea.


We do not know when our end will come.  I believe there will be a new beginning on that day.  We travel here together so briefly so let's look at each day and begin something new. Stop listening to those voices in your head that doubt and do what is truely in your heart. We can gain wisdom even if we stumble and fall.

As I look at this little girl playing at water's edge I remember doing the same.  How free I was. She may also be a sweet angel stirring the clouds above, looking down on us below. Fear not!!




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